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UPG Syslog Server

This is a minimal syslog server. A single executable that once executed will start listening on port 514 (default syslog port). Once syslog traffic kicks in it will create a text document in a nice format in the same folder. Once the day changes another document will be created.

This is a quick way to monitor and collect logs. It might be wise to compress the folder where you are running it if you plan to run it for days. I have written this in .NET. Watch this space for the source soon.

Note that you would need .NET for this to work. Here is an idea, fire up a server in the Azure, and run this on the desktop for as long as you wish to collect logs from devices for troubleshooting 🙂


Download the UpgSyslogServer


A few weeks ago I decided to get some bitcoins. I did not want to spend any money so I started reading around on how to mine them and soon after I realized that at current rates and difficulty it is impossible to start with nothing and end up with bitcoins. After researching further I finally found a way by mining in virtual linux servers. I made some money and then I thought I should share by creating a guide. Then I made a script and then this website. Then I took it further by creating a wizzard. Follow the wizzards and create instant virtual servers that you are in control. Cryptocurrency, Minecraft servers and more are added every day.

Are you ready to start?

This is just a torrent aggregator.

I made it open source, so you can have a look on my code and even fork it on github.
This simple website searches live and grabs the magnet links from multiple torrent websites and displays them for you on a minimal interface. I did not want to clutter the interface with a million options so I went minimal.

Just the filename and the link, nothing else, no seeds , no ratios. I have sorted the results by seeds, and this seems to work fine. Maybe it is not the best for the advanced user, but the idea was to recreate the process of a typical search user : Visit a torrent website, search and then list by seed. I have also grabbed the rss from itunes and some other websites to give some ideas to download.

Technologies used : ajax, jquery, javascript, php, web scrapping.

This website is ajax intentionally so that google does not index the results. Trying to keep it as legal as possible. Nothing is stored on the server, not even the search history, the website is made of a few static html files. Enjoy!


This is a wordpress theme! (UPG1) Upload it to a clean wordpress installation with no posts and follow instructions in the theme’s control panel.

What is special with this theme ? It spiders IMDB and get lots of information, thumbnails etc as posts.

You can see an example here :

Here are some basic instructions about theme, after you install it :

There are just a few points :

  • You can change the logo at : wp-content/themes/upg1/logo.png
  • You should enter your own “add this” code at line 12 of file wp-content/themes/upg1/header.php
  • To fill your site with information from IMDB you need to set a cron job to run at regular intervals (or run it manually). The script that fills the database is at : wp-content/themes/upg1/cron/enter.php . The easies way would be to just setup a “web cron” using a website such as : This way you can just call and you are done!
  • You need to edit line 63 and 70 of single-post.php with your affiliate codes
  • Remove all widgets, leave only the categories one!
  • Rename the Uncategorized category to All

Possible errors :

This will work on any enviroment. I have run it on mutliple server versions on digital droplets on digital ocean and worked fine. If you receive an error about curl_opt and open base dirs, make sure your php.ini does not limit your base dir to anything (open_basedir = none)

To get you started :

  1. Traffic : Create a youtube account and then fill it with trailers using a service like video swipper(amazing traffic)
  2. A great affiliate program with the best conversion ratio for this kind of websites : Affbeat (about 24$ per refferal, conversion rate about 1/1000 !!!!!
  3. You can host your site on digital ocean , just fire a wordpress droplet for 10$ a month. Then enable supercache and cloudflare. With this configuration you will be able to to withstand about 500 concurrent users easy!