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Greek TV by for ROKU

This is the ROKU application all Greeks abroad were waiting for!

Have you seen all those expensive services with monthly prices up to $40 ? Well mine is only $2.99 and you get all the major channels plus some other minor ones.

Try it now : ($2.99 a month only)

I would really love to hear your feedback or suggestions for this project. I am also running a facebook page for it :

You will be needing a Roku Player for this to work :



I am the one

  • Steve

    Thanks for creating this! Not all channels work, but the ones that do work great!

  • Δημήτρης

    Great! Will you be able to add ERT1 and SKAI? Thanks.

  • Done! For skai just head to for the link. Impossible to integrate with Roku at the moment

    • Δημήτρης

      Thank you for the prompt reply. I noticed that you also added Makeleio tv. Great! Just fyi STAR doesnt function. One last proposal, i dont know how this works, or if this is possible, but would you be able to place the channels in a Grid formation? Like 4×10 ( basically based on the number of channels). Thank you!

  • e.

    this is great!!!! finally! However, only a few channels work (ie Mega, sometimes Ant1). The rest do not load the feed at all. Thank you regardless!

  • After the latest update only shows that are broadcasting will display on the roku. You can check the channel availability at