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Playing rtmp streams on a webpage

I don’t understand why there is no opensource way of playing an rtmp stream on a webpage using any of the free opensource players.

The only options available seem to be the flowplayer with a watermark and jwplayer again with a watermark. Then some others have released similar players with watermarks (again). Only premium versions seem to be able to play rtmp streams without watermarks. This is crazy.

Anyway, here is a way to create your own streaming player for the web with no watermarks and top quality for your streams. Soon I will be releasing a totally opensource project on Github about this..

So following my example you will be creating a flash rtmp player.

Just head to Adobe and download a trial version of Flash Builder. At the time of this post the version was 4.6

Install as usual, sign in with a free adobe id to activate the trial and create a new MXML application. Just use all the defaults!

Edit the main.mxml file and add something like this :

<s:VideoPlayer id="vidPlyr"
left="100" right="100"
top="100" bottom="100"
horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0"
<s:DynamicStreamingVideoSource host="rtmp://" streamType="live">
<s:DynamicStreamingVideoItem streamName="stream" />


Go to Project – Export Release Build

Go where the project is and get the bin-release folder contents and upload them to your server. If you used all the defaults you will be able to access the video page at

You are done!!! Here is your watermark free rtmp streaming player. I believe you get the point and you can start renaming things as needed and adding code to fallback to mobile etc.

Watch this space for a full fallback player that I will be releasing soon. Comment here and I’ll release it sooner 🙂



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