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Canada Business Directory

Have a look at my new project :

This is a full Canadian Business Directory. The database is one year old and is derived from the official gov website. More than 1 million records are included in this database and this website is a way to interact with all this data-set.

Some of the services offered by this project are :

  • Purchasing of the current dataset
  • Purchasing of corrections to existing data

This project is made using php/mysql and some simple functions to query and filter the results securely. Importing the data was quite challenging as they came in a CSV file. After trying for ages to find the best way to import such a file to mysql, I ended up importing it using windows ODBC and ms access. If you need more information on that, I will be happy to help or create a mini guide on that 🙂

I will also be happy to provide you with the full source so that you can run a similar project, if you request it nicely in the comments.


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