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This is a wordpress theme! (UPG1) Upload it to a clean wordpress installation with no posts and follow instructions in the theme’s control panel.

What is special with this theme ? It spiders IMDB and get lots of information, thumbnails etc as posts.

You can see an example here :

Here are some basic instructions about theme, after you install it :

There are just a few points :

  • You can change the logo at : wp-content/themes/upg1/logo.png
  • You should enter your own “add this” code at line 12 of file wp-content/themes/upg1/header.php
  • To fill your site with information from IMDB you need to set a cron job to run at regular intervals (or run it manually). The script that fills the database is at : wp-content/themes/upg1/cron/enter.php . The easies way would be to just setup a “web cron” using a website such as : This way you can just call and you are done!
  • You need to edit line 63 and 70 of single-post.php with your affiliate codes
  • Remove all widgets, leave only the categories one!
  • Rename the Uncategorized category to All

Possible errors :

This will work on any enviroment. I have run it on mutliple server versions on digital droplets on digital ocean and worked fine. If you receive an error about curl_opt and open base dirs, make sure your php.ini does not limit your base dir to anything (open_basedir = none)

To get you started :

  1. Traffic : Create a youtube account and then fill it with trailers using a service like video swipper(amazing traffic)
  2. A great affiliate program with the best conversion ratio for this kind of websites : Affbeat (about 24$ per refferal, conversion rate about 1/1000 !!!!!
  3. You can host your site on digital ocean , just fire a wordpress droplet for 10$ a month. Then enable supercache and cloudflare. With this configuration you will be able to to withstand about 500 concurrent users easy!