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Third Party Software

Here you can find useful Software that I have discovered over the years from multiple sources – List updated regularly

  • A quick and dirty way to get licenses from software on a computer – License Crawler
  • Get a list of all users and their license level (E1,E2,E3 etc) on Office 365. This is a power-shell script – get-msoluserlicence
  • Get a nice list of permissions for a folder in Windows and all the sub-folders – Great for admins that want proof that the job was done or want to compare before and after a mess – accessenum
  • Network file doctor by Intuit – Solve all those Quick-books over the network problems – File Doctor
  • Clean up all those Symantec huge files and logs using this batch script – Idea:Set it on the scheduler to happen every day! – symantec-cleanup
  • Norton Power Eraser – An alternative to malwarebytes. Caveat : Requires a restart always – Norton Power Eraser
  • Test a network for loss of packets etc. Look no further , not ideal, but the best free tool around – Netstress
  • Slowness in the system? Always check the drive first. Ram usage might be high because the HDD is broken. Best tool ever : HDDTune
  • Adding certificates in Windows made easy. What can I say? This tool has saved me hours of work, Does all the dirty job. Do not ever apply any certificate on Windows without this free tool – Digicert Utility
  • Microsoft.. Sad story, Office has so many problems, that different divisions within the company make independent tools to check connectivity. Troubleshoot using the office configuration analyzer tool
  • Troubleshoot event viewer the NirSoft way – My event viewer
  • An invaluable Power-shell script. Regenerates an N2K file from all the sent items! Did you mess up a client’s autocomplete list in outlook ? Here is the solution  : Rebuild N2K
  • Network scanner –  I am a big fan of Angry ip scanner legacy version but it is blocked byu all browsers in our days.. So I found a similar one : Fast Resolver