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This is just a torrent aggregator.

I made it open source, so you can have a look on my code and even fork it on github.
This simple website searches live and grabs the magnet links from multiple torrent websites and displays them for you on a minimal interface. I did not want to clutter the interface with a million options so I went minimal.

Just the filename and the link, nothing else, no seeds , no ratios. I have sorted the results by seeds, and this seems to work fine. Maybe it is not the best for the advanced user, but the idea was to recreate the process of a typical search user : Visit a torrent website, search and then list by seed. I have also grabbed the rss from itunes and some other websites to give some ideas to download.

Technologies used : ajax, jquery, javascript, php, web scrapping.

This website is ajax intentionally so that google does not index the results. Trying to keep it as legal as possible. Nothing is stored on the server, not even the search history, the website is made of a few static html files. Enjoy!


I am the one